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Whether you need occasional help from a freelance lawyer or a long-term subscription virtual associate, thousands of law firms rely on LAWCLERK to get work done and reduce overhead.

There are three powerful ways to outsource with LAWCLERK.  First, you can post Project based work to our marketplace.  The hiring attorney sets the flat fee price for the work and selects the top applicant. 

When you find impressive freelancers, you can add them to your Team.  Then you can assign work directly to Team members when dealing with similar issues or cases. You can build as many Teams as you want by practice area or skillset (check out this video). 

The most powerful way to leverage the power of LAWCLERK is through our new Virtual Associate Subscription Program.  This subscription based program allows you to hire as much – or as little – of a virtual associate as you need on a monthly basis.  You get to select your experience level and set how many hours of help you want each month in increments of ten hours.  

There are no sign-up fees and no monthly fees.  Learn more and register for your own account by visiting today!

Virtual Associate
Subscription Program

Hire as much - or as little - of a virtual associate as you need on a monthly basis.BOOK NOW

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Features and Pricing

Select Your Level

  • $75 per hour for a junior-level attorney
    (1-4 year)
  • $100 per hour for an experienced attorney
    (5+ years)
  • $140 per hour for a senior attorney

Select How Many Hours You Need

  • Select how many hours you need in 10 hour increments (20 hour minimum and 160 hour maximum per month per subscription).
  • Monthly subscriptions run in 4 week increments.
  • No long term commitment, month to month with at least two-week cancelation.

Billing & Time Keeping

  • Monthly subscription is split into two equal payments every two weeks.
  • You always have access to the virtual associates time records for easy billing to your clients
  • Plus, we email you your virtual associate's billing records weekly.

“I started using LAWCLERK a little over a year ago for project-based work. More recently I needed several lawyers to assist on a mass tort case, over a period of several months.  The lawyers had to gather and evaluate information for plaintiff fact sheets and coordinate documents in support of each of the plaintiffs’ claims. LAWCLERK stepped up in a huge way, vetted a team of lawyers to work with us, and it has been a seamless process. I cannot recommend the Virtual Associate Subscription Program highly enough.”

Eric Ratinoff, CA Attorney


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